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Marine Definition

Adjective: marine  mu'reen

  1. Of or relating to the sea
    "marine explorations"
  2. Relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen
    "marine insurance";
    - nautical, maritime
  3. Of or relating to military personnel who serve both on land and at sea (specifically the U.S. Marine Corps)
    "marine barracks"
  4. Relating to or characteristic of or occurring on or in the sea
  5. Native to or inhabiting the sea
    "marine plants and animals such as seaweed and whales"
Noun: marine  mu'reen
  1. A soldier who serves both on shipboard and on land
Noun: Marine
  1. (military) a member of the United States Marine Corps
    - devil dog, leatherneck [N. Amer], shipboard soldier, jarhead [N. Amer]

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