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Affect Definition

Verb: affect  'a,fekt

  1. Have an effect upon
    "Will the new rules affect me?";
    - impact, bear upon, bear on, touch on, touch
  2. Act physically on; have an effect upon
    "the medicine affects my heart rate"
  3. Connect closely and often incriminatingly
    "This new ruling affects your business";
    - involve, regard
  4. Make believe with the intent to deceive
    "He affected that he was ill";
    - feign, sham, pretend, dissemble
  5. Have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
    "This child affected me as unusually mature";
    - impress, move, strike
Noun: affect  'a,fekt
  1. The conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion

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atcfef taffec ctaffe ectaff fectaf ffecta