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Braced Definition

Adjective: braced  breyst

  1. Positioned so as to be ready for confrontation or danger
    "he stood to attention with his shoulders braced"
  2. Held up by braces or buttresses
    "He was required to take out the corners and rebuild them, providing for braced walls";
    - buttressed
Verb: brace  breys
  1. Prepare (oneself) for something unpleasant or difficult
    - poise
  2. Support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace
    "brace your elbows while working on the potter's wheel";
    - steady, stabilize, stabilise [Brit]
  3. Support by bracing
  4. Cause to be alert and energetic
    "Coffee and tea brace me";
    - stimulate, arouse, energize, energise [Brit], perk up

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