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Clamor Definition

Verb: clamor  kla-mur
Usage: US (elsewhere: clamour)

  1. Make loud demands
    "he clamored for justice and tolerance";
    - clamour [Brit, Cdn]
  2. Utter or proclaim insistently and noisily
    "The delegates clamored their disappointment";
    - clamour [Brit, Cdn]
  3. Compel someone to do something by insistent clamoring
    "They clamored the mayor into building a new park";
    - clamour [Brit, Cdn]
Noun: clamor  kla-mur
Usage: US (elsewhere: clamour)
  1. A loud harsh or strident noise
    - blare, blaring, cacophony, din, clamour [Brit, Cdn]
  2. Loud and persistent outcry from many people
    "he ignored the clamor of the crowd";
    - clamoring [US], clamour [Brit, Cdn], clamouring [Brit, Cdn], hue and cry

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