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Cutoff Definition

Noun: cutoff  'kút,óf

  1. A designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated
  2. A route shorter than the usual one
    - shortcut, crosscut
  3. A device that terminates the flow in a pipe
Verb: cut off  kút óf
  1. Make a break in
    "We cut off the program for the following messages";
    - interrupt, disrupt, break up
  2. Cease, stop
    "cut off the noise";
    - cut
  3. Remove by or as if by cutting
    "cut off the ear";
    - chop off, lop off
  4. Cut off and stop
    "The bicyclist was cut off by the van";
    - cut out, exscind []
  5. Break a small piece off from
    "cut off the glass";
    - chip, knap, break off
  6. (medicine) remove surgically
    "cut off limbs";
    - amputate
Adjective: cut off  kút óf
  1. Detached by cutting
    "a cut off head";
    - severed

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