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Decent Definition

Adjective: decent  dee-sunt

  1. Socially or conventionally correct; refined or virtuous
    "from a decent family";
    - nice
  2. According with custom or propriety
    "a decent burial";
    - becoming, comely, comme il faut, decorous, seemly
  3. Conforming to conventions of sexual behaviour
    "speech in this circle, if not always decent, never became lewd"
  4. Sufficient for the purpose
    "a decent wage";
    - adequate, enough, nuff [non-standard]
  5. Decently clothed
    "are you decent?"
  6. Observing conventional sexual mores in speech, behaviour or dress
    "though one of her shoulder straps had slipped down, she was perfectly decent by current standards"
Adverb: decent  dee-sunt
  1. In the right manner
    "can't you carry me decent?";
    - properly, decently, in good order, right, the right way

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