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Laying Definition

Noun: laying  ley-ing

  1. The production of eggs (especially in birds)
    - egg laying
Verb: lay (laid)  ley
  1. Cause to have a certain (possibly abstract) location
    "lay your things here";
    - put, set, place, pose, position
  2. Put in a horizontal position
    "lay the patient carefully onto the bed";
    - put down, repose
  3. Prepare or position for action or operation
    "lay a fire"; "lay the foundation for a new health care plan"
  4. Produce and deposit (an egg or eggs)
    "This hen doesn't lay"
  5. Impose as a duty, burden, or punishment
    "lay a responsibility on someone"
  6. [vulgar] Have sexual intercourse
    - sleep together, love, make out, make love, sleep with, have sex, know [archaic], do it, be intimate, have intercourse, lie with [archaic], bed, have a go at it, get it on, make whoopee, nail [N. Amer]

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