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Madder Definition

Noun: madder  ma-du(r)

  1. Eurasian herb having small yellow flowers and red roots formerly an important source of the dye alizarin
    - Rubia tinctorum
Verb: madder  ma-du(r)
  1. Colour a moderate to strong red
Adjective: mad (madder,maddest)  mad
  1. Roused to anger
    "she gets mad when you wake her up so early"; "mad at his friend";
    - huffy, sore
  2. Affected with madness or insanity
    "a man who had gone mad";
    - brainsick, crazy, demented, disturbed, sick, unbalanced, unhinged
  3. Marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion
    "a mad whirl of pleasure";
    - delirious, excited, frantic, unrestrained
  4. Very foolish
    "a completely mad scheme to build a bridge between two mountains";
    - harebrained, insane

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