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Nearer Definition

Adverb: nearer  neer-u(r)

  1. (comparative of 'near' or 'close') within a shorter distance
    "they drew nearer"; "getting nearer to the true explanation";
    - nigher, closer
Adjective: near (nearer,nearest)  neer
  1. Not far distant in time, space, degree or circumstances
    "near neighbours"; "in the near future"; "they are near equals"; "his nearest approach to success"; "a very near thing"; "a near hit by the bomb"; "she was near tears";
    - close, nigh
  2. Being on the left side
    "the near or nigh horse is the one on the left"; "the animal's left side is its near or nigh side";
    - nigh
  3. Closely resembling the genuine article
    "near beer"; "a dress of near satin"
  4. Giving or spending with reluctance
    "very near with his money";
    - cheeseparing, close, penny-pinching, skinny
  5. With or in a close or intimate relationship
    "my sisters and brothers are near and dear";
    - dear, good
  6. Very close in resemblance
    "a near likeness";
    - approximate

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