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Period Definition

Noun: period  peer-ee-ud

  1. An amount of time
    "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period";
    - time period, period of time
  2. The interval taken to complete one cycle of a regularly repeating phenomenon
  3. (ice hockey) one of three divisions into which play is divided in hockey games
  4. A unit of geological time during which a system of rocks formed
    "ganoid fishes swarmed during the earlier geological periods";
    - geological period
  5. The end or completion of something
    "death put a period to his endeavours"; "a change soon put a period to my tranquility"
  6. The monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause
    - menstruation, menses, menstruum, catamenia, flow
  7. A punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations
    - point, full stop, stop, full point

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