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Saddle Definition

Noun: saddle  sa-d(u)l

  1. A seat for the rider of a horse or camel
  2. A pass or ridge that slopes gently between two peaks (is shaped like a saddle)
    - saddleback
  3. Cut of meat (especially mutton or lamb) consisting of part of the backbone and both loins
  4. A piece of leather across the instep of a shoe
  5. A seat for the rider of a bicycle
    - bicycle seat
  6. Posterior part of the back of a domestic fowl
Verb: saddle  sa-d(u)l
  1. Put a saddle on
    "saddle the horses"
  2. Load or burden; encumber
    "he saddled me with that heavy responsibility"
  3. Impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to
    "He saddled her with cleaning up all the files over the weekend";
    - charge, burden

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