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Signal Definition

Noun: signal  sig-nul

  1. Any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message
    "signals from the boat suddenly stopped";
    - signaling [US], sign, signalling
  2. Any incitement to action
    "he awaited the signal to start"; "the victory was a signal for wild celebration"
  3. An electric quantity (voltage, current or field strength) whose modulation represents coded information about the source from which it comes
Verb: signal (signalled,signalling, or [US] signaled,signaling)  sig-nul
  1. Communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs
    - sign, signalize, signalise [Brit]
  2. Be a signal for or a symptom of
    "The economic indicators signal that the euro is undervalued";
    - bespeak, betoken [archaic], indicate, point
Adjective: signal  sig-nul
  1. Notably out of the ordinary
    "the year saw one signal triumph for the Labour party"

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