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Spiral Definition

Noun: spiral  spI-rul

  1. A plane curve traced by a point circling about the centre but at increasing distances from the centre
  2. A curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle
    - helix
  3. A continuously accelerating change in the economy
  4. Ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a centre with an increasing distance from the centre
    - volute
  5. A structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops
    "a spiral of rope";
    - coil, volute, whorl, helix
  6. Flying downward in a helical path with a large radius
Verb: spiral (spiralled,spiralling, or [US] spiraled,spiraling)  spI-rul
  1. To wind or move in a spiral course
    "the young people spiralled on the dance floor";
    - gyrate, coil
  2. Form a spiral
    "The path spirals up the mountain"
  3. Move in a spiral or zigzag course
    - corkscrew
Adjective: spiral  spI-rul
  1. In the shape of a coil
    "A spiral spring is depicted by providing thickness to a helix";
    - coiling, helical, spiraling [US], volute, voluted, whorled, turbinate, spiralling [Brit, Cdn]

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