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Sticky Definition

Adjective: sticky (stickier,stickiest)  sti-kee

  1. Able or tending to stick; having the properties of an adhesive
    - gluey, glutinous, gummy, mucilaginous, pasty, viscid, viscous
  2. Covered with an adhesive material
  3. Moist as with undried perspiration and with clothing sticking to the body
    "felt sticky and chilly at the same time"
  4. Hot or warm and humid
    "sticky weather";
    - muggy, steamy
  5. Hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment
    "sticky moments in the discussion"; "a sticky question";
    - awkward, embarrassing, unenviable
Noun: sticky  sti-kee
  1. A sticky note, such as a Post-It
    "Her desk is covered with yellow stickies"

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