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Volume Definition

Noun: volume  vól-yoom

  1. The amount of 3-dimensional space occupied by an object
    "the gas expanded to twice its original volume"
  2. The property of something that is great in magnitude
    "the volume of exports";
    - bulk, mass
  3. A number of pages bound together (regarded as a physical object)
    "he used a large volume as a doorstop";
    - book
  4. A publication that is one of a set of several similar publications
    "the third volume was missing"; "he asked for the 1989 volume of the Annual Review"
  5. A relative amount
    "mix one volume of the solution with ten volumes of water"
  6. The magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction)
    "the kids played their music at full volume";
    - loudness, intensity

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