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Waxing Definition

Noun: waxing  wak-sing

  1. The application of wax to a surface
  2. A gradual increase in magnitude or extent
    "the waxing of the moon"
Adjective: waxing  wak-sing
  1. (of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases
    "the waxing moon passes from new to full"
Verb: wax  waks
  1. Cover with wax
    "wax the car"
  2. Go up or advance
    "Sales were waxing after prices were lowered";
    - mount, climb, rise
  3. Increase in phase
    "the moon is waxing";
    - full
  4. Say or write, esp. for a long time about a particular topic
    "He waxed lyrical about the success"; "I've probably waxed on about them for hours"
  5. Remove hair from part of the body by coating the skin with wax that is then pulled off with the hair

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